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Giftship Demo #2

- Ship to Multiple Addresses ✔

- Gift Messages on Entire Order (appears on cart page) ✔

- Delivery Date Picker on Entire Order (appears on cart page) ✔

- One-click Upsell on Cart Page ✔

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An Ecosystem of Features

Take a quick look below at all of the features included in Giftship. When using the app, you can turn features on/ off so that you only use what you need.

What Giftship users are saying:

Wow! This is the greatest blessing bestowed on any Shopify store dealing with multiple gift orders. This Crackerjack team has been working overdrive for months to deliver brilliantly coded app that makes it a breeze for our clients to send multiple gifts on single checkout in our store.

Prime Wines

This is our second Holiday season with Shopify. Last season we needed a multiship feature. Heading into this Holiday season and hearing about this app, we couldn't get it installed fast enough. Giftship is a MUST HAVE for any Shopify store. Thank you to the team at Pix!

Southern Candymakers

Tremendous service, went above and beyond typical support to help. This app is something that we've actually been looking for. Having the ability to purchase multiple items and have them shipped to different contacts is HUGE! Looking forward to seeing increased orders thanks to Giftship.

The Pound Cake Company